The criminal justice system is to have a single set of objectives, priorities and performance- measurement targets. Further implementation of the seven-point plan will receive greater interdepartmental coordination.

Demilitarise the police. The police should be selected and trained to be professional and impartial, responsive to community needs, competent and inspire confidence.

An integrated approach to safety and security will require coordinated activity across a variety of departments, the private sector and community bodies, the latter to include revitalised community-safety centres.

All vulnerable groups including women, children and rural communities should enjoy equal protection and their fear of crime should be eradicated through effective, coordinated responses of the police, business, community and civil society.


  • In 2030 people living in South Africa feel safe and have no fear of crime. They feel safe at home, at school and at work, and they enjoy an active community life free of fear. Women can walk freely in the street and the children can play safely outside. The police service is a well-resourced professional institution staffed by highly skilled officers who value their works, serve the community, safeguard lives and property without discrimination, protect the peaceful against violence, and respect the rights of all to equality and justice.


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