Social Protection


A social floor is defined and a multi-pronged strategy recommended to ensure that no household lives below this floor. Problems such as poverty induced hunger, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies will be addressed.

Create an inclusive social protection system that addresses all areas of vulnerability and is responsive to the needs, realities, conditions and livelihoods of those who are most at risk.

Provide support that builds and utilises the capabilities of individuals, households, communities and NGOs to promote self reliant sustainable development.

Encourage a culture of individual saving for risks associated with loss of income due to unemployment, old age and illness by providing appropriate frameworks and incentives.

Enhance services and programmes for labour market activation for the unemployed and create opportunities in public employment.


  • Ensure progressively and through multiple avenues that no one lives below a defined minimum social floor.
  • All children should enjoy services and benefits aimed at facilitating access to nutrition, health care, education, social care and safety.
  • Address problems such as hunger, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies that affect physical growth and cognitive development, especially among children.
  • Address the skills deficit in the social welfare sector.
  • Provide income support to the unemployed through various active labour market initiatives such as public works programmes, training and skills development, and other labour market related incentives.
  • All working individuals should make adequate provision for retirement through mandated savings. The state should provide measures to make pensions safe and sustainable.
  • Social protection systems must respond to the growth of temporary and part-time contracts, and the increasing importance of self-employment and establish mechanisms to cover the risks associated with such.
  • Create an effective social welfare system that delivers better results for vulnerable groups, with the state playing a larger role compared to now.
  • Civil society should complement government initiatives.


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