Greater intersectoral and inter-ministerial collaboration is central to the Commission’s proposals to promote health in South Africa.

Health is not just a medical issue. The social determinants of health need to be addressed, including promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles.

A major goal is to reduce the disease burden to manageable levels.

Human capacity is key. Managers, doctors, nurses and community health workers need to be appropriately trained and managed, produced in adequate numbers, and deployed where they are most needed.

The national health system as a whole needs to be strengthened by improving governance and eliminating infrastructure backlogs.

A national health insurance system needs to be implemented in phases, complemented by a reduction in the relative cost of private medical care and supported by better human capacity and systems in the public health sector.


  • Increase average male and female life expectancy at birth to 70 years.
  • Progressively improve TB prevention and cure.
  • Reduce maternal, infant and child mortality.
  • Significantly reduce prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases.
  • Reduce injury, accidents and violence by 50 percent from 2010 levels.
  • Deploy primary healthcare teams provide care to families and communities.
  • Everyone must have access to an equal standard of care, regardless of their income.
  • Fill posts with skilled, committed and competent individuals.